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Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Goodbyes are the most difficult art of any journey. Nothing hurts more than having to bid farewell to the people who have contribute life. The only problem is that we students realise the truth only after leaving school and entering a totally new phase of life called 'College.'

After School, nothing stays the same you start missing those 6 hours of complete discipline, knowledge, conversations, experiences, scolding's, teachings and lessons that have, made an irreversible change in your life for the good.

AUXILIUM' is not just a school, it is not just an Institution, It is a family of Sisters, Teachers, Workers and we students are all the proud members of this big, big family who share an unbreakable bond filled with love, care and lots of happiness. It is a place where we were not moulded to simply become knowledgeable people, but we were transformed into wise, spiritual, honest, cheerful and genuine human beings.

It has been stated that you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory and personally, I am extremely thankful to Auxilium Convent School, the Sisters and Teachers for such unforgettable memories they've blessed me with. The trust they put in me by finding me capable enough to handle the responsibility of becoming the Head Girl of the school is a matter of pride and Facebook inexpressible joy for me. I am thankful to the students who co-operated and helped me in my efforts. The journey that started with kindergarten a little school bag, an eager mind, those random smiles and carefree laughter, now ends with moist eyes and heavy heart.

I promise to carry every little thought, teaching, value and knowledge that Auxilium has gifted me through all these years. No matter how old I grow and wherever I go, I will always be a Proud Auxie.

Once again, a very Big Thank You!

Zuha Kachkar

Past Pupil - 2014

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